Friday, March 29, 2013

Another delayed update

I know, I should be updating this more often. Don't judge me.

I'm happy to report there are lot's of things happening on the volunteer front!

First and foremost I'd like to give myself some publicity. I'm going to be running in the Go! St. Louis Marathon this year. Actually, I'm running it this Sunday, April 7th. 

I had it in my head to run the full marathon when I first heard about it, but then an honest assessment of my own capabilities had me reassess my decision and opt for the half-marathon instead. I'm all for the whole "mind over matter" mindset, but I'm also a realist. 

To learn more about the marathon follow the link:

I've been involved with a few awesome organizations out here, and have gotten motivated time and time again to get involved in more important causes. As part of a leadership development course I've been attending, the founder of the Saint Louis Language Immersion School came to speak to us and had a truly motivating message. When I saw this organization listed under the ones you are able to run for, I gained an extra incentive to participate. 

To learn more about the SLLIS follow the link:

If you want to make a donation and sponsor me follow the link below (PLEASE):

I'm more than likely going to die, so how about you do one last nice thing for me and sponsor my run! 

I will also include that even though I will more than likely meet my untimely demise via this run, I have been lucky enough to execute on some good advice I received from a person I've come to admire a lot. If you haven't read Joe Mihalic's blog about his journey to being debt-free DO IT! 


It was my memory that served me when preparing for this run. He'd mentioned a solid pair of shoe and in my research, decided to go for the style he'd listed.

To read the awesome advice in his post, hit the link:

Not only did I purchase the same shoe, but also found the same great deal. The color wasn't as cool as Joe's, but the comfort was clear as soon as I put them on. In Joe's words, it is one "HELLUVA" good shoe!! If you're reading this, thanks Joe! You're the man!! 

Thankfully, due to my involvement with this leadership course I've been able to branch out in the Saint Louis area and gain some ground on my goal of giving more of my time to things that are worth it. If I survive this run, I've got some good work ahead of me.

Learn about the great things some of these organizations I'm hopefully going to be helping are doing, and see if there is any way you can get involved as well! 

Saint Vincent Home for Children

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Saint Louis

Casa de Salud Saint Louis

There is so much left to do, and I'm happy to report the little progress I've made. I hope some of you have been able to find ways to get involved in your communities, and make a small impact to the world around you.

We'll see what the next update brings!